And the curtains fell again; 2017 a ground flipping year

With small steps made in the new year, 2017 have dragged its tail and left us. Laughter and tears, new encounters and goodbyes, surprises and disappointments, success and failure, blockage and creativity….But what do we actually or should we hold on to? For me and not being too idealistic, the lessons learnt, the memories, the […]Read more

Fit in the Ho Ho Holidays!

While that turkey is getting roasted, and the yule is getting baked, quick tips on how to fit gracefully in the holidays and it is not as hard as looking at your back account after buying all your Christmas gifts! 1- Fill your water tank! The number one tip that I give you, and that […]Read more

Top 8 heartwarming coffee shops in Beirut

From Home to Dar, where can you Sip your “Beloved”(Kalei) drink this winter as one of Four seasons while Gordon and Angelina are tagging along! Oh and a surprise addition to the gang too🤗 Wow, that was pretty much of a long introduction, but you get my point, I tried to summarize for you what […]Read more

Chez Rémy: And you are now family!

It was through the sweetest Blondburgirl aka Estelle that I was introduced to this hidden gem, and you know how much I love those places where you are not only there to eat but also to be part of the family. On a gloomy Saturday, I walked in the warm bistro. Heartfelt welcome from Chady […]Read more

Tallet Abou Zeid: innovative tradition

How could I not knew this place before, I regret missing all the tasty meals that I could have enjoyed long time before! But I am planning to make it up! You are only one trip away of savoring innovative traditional Lebanese cuisine; located in Dhour Shweir, overlooking the vast Bekaa valley, tallet Abou Zeid […]Read more