2018’s wrap: 12 moments to remember

Recap of the year in words and photos Read more

Today I will…Not another to do list!

New year starts usually with resolutions, plans, to do lists, etc… as if an extra pressure is needed. This year, l wanted things to be different, why not start the year with a positive approach, stress free and gentle on oneself? That was the idea behind “Today I Will”, I wanted it to be the […]Read more

And the curtains fell again; 2017 a ground flipping year

With small steps made in the new year, 2017 have dragged its tail and left us. Laughter and tears, new encounters and goodbyes, surprises and disappointments, success and failure, blockage and creativity….But what do we actually or should we hold on to? For me and not being too idealistic, the lessons learnt, the memories, the […]Read more