Say bye to Insomnia with five steps

Back when I was still a teenager (don’t tell anyone how many years back!) I started suffering from insomnia. Knowing that it runs in the family from my mother’s side, it was not that pleasant. My insomnia was triggered by many things, from worrying too much about the exam the day after, a fight with […]Read more

G spa: Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate!

For the love of pampering, at G spa you are in the safest hands Read more

Cocobellas: Break the shell to wellness and shine inside out

It has been around a month or so since I received the wellness basket of extra virgin coconut oil and the scrubs from Cocobellas. Numerous studies have proven few years ago the benefits of this natural product that does wonders. From its use in hair care and revitalization damaged locks, to the moisturizing effect on […]Read more

Breakfast Barn: Healthies rejoice!

If healthy can be tangible, the closest would be a meal at Breakfast Barn! A beautiful balcony overlooking a small street in Achrafieh, a welcoming sign: “We serve Health for breakfast, brunch et un ptit cafe”, inviting right! On a Sunday morning, where laziness is allowed, and meal times can be modified as one likes, […]Read more

Zenotel: Nama-Stay

It was more like a day-dream, what IĀ had in mind, the prefect image of how I want my birthday to be. I searched and searched for a local getaway since I am a firm believerĀ of being a tourist in your own country and Lebanon does not lack the options! I had many places in mind, […]Read more