Four things to Know this Friday

Family first! This weekend I was happy a girl when my brother and his family arrived to spend the summer vacation here; nephews’ love is unequal. A slow week, sponsored by heat and humidity! Let’s learn new things F for fun Planning a trip to Spain? Take me with you :P. And while we are […]Read more

Four things to know this Friday

Horray to another week that included beach day! This week with Undiz team in Lebanon, we had fun in the sun. As they say, good vibes happen at the tides! Besides that, the week was sealed with a store opening: Mavi in the newly opened Centromall. Now let us see what is new this week? F […]Read more

Four things to know this Friday

Dreading the heat, sweat and humidity (bye bye good hair days) it was practically a good week. Here is a small summary of things I did since last Friday! I attended the opening of Ipekol via pointout agency in City Centre Beirut. The brand is Turkish and I loved many items including accessories!   Finally […]Read more

Four things to know this Friday

If one week was to define this week, it would be EXHAUSTING! but woof it is done and here comes the weekend. Last weekend I was thrilled to discover the summer menu of Green junkie developed by Chef Sally Jane, in one charming location: little reed farm in Kosaybi. Both are so recommended! View this post […]Read more

PTITNFIT turns 3!

Happy three years PTITNFIT. Tears fill my eyes as I am grateful for where I am now. I learned how to appreciate the success that I was getting and even more the things that didn’t work for me; it was either to learn a lesson or simply because they are not meant for me. Step-by-step I’m […]Read more