Is it a coincidence that plenty of sweet words start with G? What I know for sure that some of my favorite ones like gift and green do! The best addition is now G spa!

Escape the pollution, the noise and the stress of your daily life and take the elevator down to a small oasis within the city.

Located in Park Tower in Achrafieh, just like a pearl hidden in the shell, Gspa was the first to earn the quality label in the middle east, and this is not a coincidence.

A spa, a gym, a beauty center and a salon, everything you need to have a proper pampering time.

The professionalism starts from the reception. Customers service is taken seriously, with smiley staff, everyone is eager to help.

The first experience at the Spa was for Rituel des cinqs fleurs; I came in expecting a regular facial, where usually you are seated, and a mix is set on your face for half an hour to an hour, they wash it and put a rehydrating cream. But my experience was charming, beyond my expectation.

The name is not randomly picked, it is a ritual, inside the same massage room, magical hands treat your face with the finest products and you even get neck and shoulders massage and a relaxing time with soothing music and extraordinary scents!

With that in mind, I was more than thrilled to try their packages: and Roula, the attentive owner, picked for me the Oriental ritual which includes the Moroccan Hamam followed by a deep tissue massage and a hair styling in the end!

I advise you to arrive earlier, prior to your session, and enjoy the access to jaccuzzi and the pool or just have some quite time in the mind soothing relaxation room, sipping some tea and snacking on fruits or their G stamped maamoul!

On time, I was called and escorted to start with the first part, 5 minutes in the steam room to help softening the skin and get it ready for the deep scrub using the Rasoul and other Moroccan traditional Hamam product. Trust me, surrender to the experience as with each parcel of dead skin removed, stress is reduced, et voilà enjoy a soft baby skin for real!

As if this amazing ritual did not leave you regenerated, it is followed by the deep tissue oriental massage. Those delicate hands know how to make every cell breath out stress and breathe in relief! With dry oils used to awaken your senses and transport you like Jasmine once flew on Aladdin rug!

Walking out of the room, totally rejuvenated, the ritual was crowned by a brushing at the hair salon and a new me walked out the door. I felt so light and rejuvenated.

I cannot describe how beautiful it is to care for oneself and later on sharing it with loved ones. This place is magical, the wellness of the customers is a priority and surely I would recommend it!

Till very soon, thank you Rola and Gspa team.

La Petite


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