G spa: Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate!

For the love of pampering, at G spa you are in the safest hands Read more

A la saj: innovating your regular manoushe

Re routing the saj history, this time from Montreal back to Beirut, A la saj opened its doors in Wardyeh Hamra. Transferring a know how that was spread over several countries, from Canada, to Panama, South Africa, Morocco, Jordan, UAE and now Lebanon. As they describe themselves, A la saj represents fusion take on the […]Read more

Lobster society: ShEll we eat!

How did you know about us?! A very sweet humble question I was asked when I stepped in to enjoy a huss free, reservation free midweek dinner! To which I replied: Oh from social media but now that all the buzz is calming, I can come! And I could not have been Happier! Thank you […]Read more

Tips to a “Fall” in love!

No summer is not over yet, we still have ahead of us many beach days and lovely rooftop nights. Yet gladly, the weather is being merciful at least with less heat waves. However, soon we have to wave goodbye and pack those beautiful memories and welcome the crisp air and yellow hues of Fall. I […]Read more