No summer is not over yet, we still have ahead of us many beach days and lovely rooftop nights. Yet gladly, the weather is being merciful at least with less heat waves.

However, soon we have to wave goodbye and pack those beautiful memories and welcome the crisp air and yellow hues of Fall.

I would like to think about seasons’ change as an opportunity to introduce new routines and habits in your life. Here are some tips from fashion, to books, getaways and well-being ideas to adopt this new season:

To dress:

General trends such as flare pants, ruffles, bags, velvet and polka-dots and vintage prints; this article will help you style runaway trends with easy steps.

In general think of swapping your white dress with red one, your slides with a low heel ankle boots and that straw bag with a tan one!

Bonus, use the promo code: PTITNFITFEEL22 to get 10% on your beauty products purchases on Feel 22!


To read:

I stumbled upon many interesting lists for the books to read this fall: Sarah’s book shelves and The Everygirl and Pure wow. I would love to have your thoughts too.

Even better, this season calls for slow cooked meals and baked goods; update your cooking books library and show them some skills!

I recently finished a french book that I recommend: L’elegance du herisson by Muriel Barbery, a story about a not so typical concierge. I started reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and will keep you posted of my review!



Yes why not profit from the end of the season to plan a getaway; find an inspiration in this list of the best and cheapest destinations this September.

Even better, be a tourist in your country: check Lebtivity to stay updated with all the events happening in Lebanon or plan a sleepover in one of the adorable guest houses by l’Hote libanais or beit souk el tayeb.

If you are an adventurous person, go stargazing and camp in the wild but first check those tips on how to repel insects!


Well being:

Fall is the season of Back Tos! You may have stooped your gym membership or created dozen of excuses not to attend your classes but I am sure that with these tips you can either start the morning routine workout if not try to fit exercise into your schedule as it will surely affect your mood positively.

Many options are available, join my barre classes for a fun workout, I also recommend Le blog de Chanty‘s classes.

With summer came many diet exceptions that kept dragging,  you might even feel heavy and in deep need of detox. Before going into yoyo dieting, put your eating habits back on track and help yourself with pre-preparing your meals in order to have healthy options when you are hungry. While man feel themselves exempt of taking care of their shapes most of the time, maybe this can change your mind, as apparently healthy eating can be pretty attractive!


Whatever you decide to do, embrace this change with positive attitude and take the chance to re connect with your self in a better way. De clutter your space and breath to “fall” in love with this season!

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