5 ways to beat the stress

Today marks the National Stress Awareness day. We are also approaching the holiday seasons and it is normal to be overwhelmed. I wanted to share with you some handy tips that I use to manage my stress. We all live in a world where everyone is stressed: work, drive, sleep… This is one of the […]Read more

Divvy has a new menu and I have picked my favorite item already!

Tastes are changing and evolving, the majority are travelling and exploring new cuisines. And while we feel comfort in the known, we are also looking for new experiences. Clever business are attentive to the market’s demand, and Divvy is one of them for sure! I had the pleasure to be exploring the new menu in […]Read more

The bridge: Eat, Play, Workout and Unwind!

How practical it is to park your car, cross a gate, and have everything you need in one place? Much needed no? Well, The bridge heard your request, and your wishes are now fulfilled. One location in Sin El Fil, Mirna Chalouhi’s highway, right before Al Hallab shop, there is a parking, and valet parking […]Read more

Beyt Amir: an escapade to the beautiful old Beirut

The charming city often hides in the least expected places gems that leave you astonished. How many times have I walked down that street in Clemenceau but never did I pay attention to what is now “Beyt Amir”. Not surprised though from the gem seekers behind Motto, Makan and Zawarib to find us that precious […]Read more

Fit in the Ho Ho Holidays!

While that turkey is getting roasted, and the yule is getting baked, quick tips on how to fit gracefully in the holidays and it is not as hard as looking at your back account after buying all your Christmas gifts! 1- Fill your water tank! The number one tip that I give you, and that […]Read more