Tastes are changing and evolving, the majority are travelling and exploring new cuisines. And while we feel comfort in the known, we are also looking for new experiences.

Clever business are attentive to the market’s demand, and Divvy is one of them for sure!

I had the pleasure to be exploring the new menu in their ABC Ashrafieh Branch.

Jose, Hady and Christian with a lovely staff welcomed us and attentively catered out requests during the eve.

Let the discovery start!

The first concept that I love about Divvy is how they value the server-customer relationship, the displayed cards show us who is helping us, which dish they love, and where would they like to travel!

We started with some refreshing drinks while the appetizers were making their way to our table. That ginger lemonade was so good with rosemary and sweetener!


The feast started with:

– Nachos and a chunky guacamole dip, which is how I love it!


– Buffalo chicken: I did not taste it but it was to the group’s taste


– Chicken hoisin wrap: comes with a side salad, balanced flavors and good portion for an appetizer


– Angus beef burger , though for me I would skip the cheddar, the quality of the meat, the sauce, the bun and the presentation all in all was super good


– Truffle pasta: if you love creamy sauce you will be spoiled, and the crunchiness of the pine nuts with the sprinkled scallions tuning the taste. I prefer tomato sauce since it is lighter of-course!


– Steak frites : what I loved the most is the presentation, where the meat slices are not fully drenched in sauce, and the rosemary on top super!


– Here comes my love! The oisho crab and noodle salad, Chef you have done wonders, I could not stop eating from it, the slaw mix, the sauce, the textures contrast is just heavenly good!


La finale was with the salted caramel pain perdu, the right amount of sweetness and with vanilla ice cream contrasting warm and cold just melting in your mouth, delicious!


Head to Divvy and let your senses travel the world, but make sure you share!

La Petite


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