Four things to know this Friday

Have you missed me last week?! It was a roller coaster kind of weeks! Hectic days at work, a short trip mixing business with leisure that was smooth yet ended in a horrible way, and back to hectic days at work! So let us take the most beautiful things of the last two weeks: – The short […]Read more

How to spend three days in Cairo Egypt

My first trip to Cairo was in 2012, as part of  business trip that was, as usual, extended to leisure!  I went back last March to mix again the two! My guide here will combine itinerary from my first visit and from my recent one last March. When and How to get there First, make […]Read more

My 34th year; memories and life lessons

This is not my usual birthday post, as life surprises us often to remind us that we have no control on anything. Wednesday started at one of my favorite new discovered hidden gems in Hamra, blanca café Bistro where a cookie by talented Lara Ariss and a message was served with the latte: DREAM WITHOUT […]Read more

Where to eat in Cambridge: Russel House

When in Boston, a not to be missed area is Cambridge, home for Harvard famous university. The area is boosting with life with its young crowd, we enjoyed our stroll on Sunday and we all know that Sunday rhymes with Brunch! After failed attempt at one outlet which was serving limited options, we opted to […]Read more

What does it feel like to be 3 3?! Third time is the charm!

It is already the month anniversary of my birthday! My bad for not sharing yet with you my yearly thoughts! Trust me, when they warn you of the thirties, they are ignorant! Thirties are just the best period at least so far since can’t compare with more! It is proven by experience! Since the first […]Read more