Excuse my absence, in the midst of what we faced in Lebanon, with the tragedies that destroyed our hearts and souls and with my injury, I had to take a step back as my mind and my heart were and still are aching.

In the frame of seconds, the massive explosion destroyed buildings and lives. Thousands of injured and victims who lost their lived for what?

My anger is not being tamed, each time I look back to see my leg, the fifty plus stitches, my pain and the consequences of that blast that goes up to my back and pierces my heart, my rage is inflamed.

When I see the lack of care, the support that only comes from citizens to citizens and from all around the globe yet not from those who caused it, I fall back into a circle of despair, anger, fear, sadness and a sparkle of hope and joy as we always stand by each others.

Keep checking my instagram page where I shared a specific highlight for all the initiatives supporting Beirut on local, regional and international levels.

On another note, we are witnessing a new wave of corona, pumped by the explosion and the uncontrollable conditions in which ill and non ill were brought together. And the only remedy by the non competent is the fake useless lockdown where again the exceptions are more than the rule.

Take your life in hand, protect yourself and loved ones, take a look at what is safe and what is not also learn how to immune your system against a second wave.

F for fact

While thousands were severely injured, millions are suffering emotionally after this huge disaster. Self care is a must, here is how color therapy Can help you.

My kind of colors


F for fashion ( beauty)

Can we tend  for the wounds, we might not be able to cure everything, but we can at least try. Make use of Aloe vera and its multiple benefits.

Also jasmine


F for food

Food reunites and bring joy. Add a smile on someone’s face and bake them this delicious moelleux of summer fruits.

Afternoon snack tray
She brought a smile with cake


F for fitness

Back to lockdown where the small pleasures like going for workout are forbidden. Yet if you manage, endorphines released are so much needed to make your feel better, so check this workout easily done home.

CaneUntil I am active again

See you next week!

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La Petite

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