Three weeks later, the pain is only getting worse, the fear and the anger keeps being fueled by the lack of justice and the continuous increase in the number of tragic losses and heartbreaking stories. Do you know the struggle of feeling guilty of moving on and pushing yourself to do so in the same time? The feeling of letting everything go and drown into numbness and sadness but in the same time pushing yourself to get back to yourself?
As I discussed with Maysa frequently, she calls it a journey of healing, let it be now and in a while if this persists than we see.

How could it be ONLY three weeks yet it feels like forever? For the time being, I am just letting it be. I removed the stitches and am trying not to think about the scars, not the pain is allowing me to forget, but I owe it to myself and to my loved ones to be strong and to grasp to whatever is best for me.

In other news, saluting the Karens and Suzans in both male and female versions, yes THERE IS CORONA VIRUS, and yes there are REAL stories of people who got infected twice.

In other news, this week FDA approved Trump’s request of using the plasma of recovered patients as treatment.

F for Facts

Unfortunately we keep making the comparison between Dubai and the suffering Beirut.Both cities deserve to flourish, and while we are picking the pieces of my beloved city, I admire how Dubai keeps rising to outgrow even European countries. Here is the latest improvement in making the city Bike free,

F for Fashion

In these days, let us support local designers and initiatives that are dedicating their sales to many NGOs helping rebuild the houses and the lives of those affected by Beirut explosion.

F for Fitness / health

Many of us share trouble sleeping. Magnesium is known for its benefits in relaxing the muscles and enhancing sleep patterns. Opt for the supplements and even better check these natural magnesium sources.

F for food

Why not drop the artificially sweetened drinks and make this cucumber mint cooler to beat the summer heat?


Stay safe,

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