One month already has passed, one month since the explosion blew us on all levels upside down, one month and no one was held accountable, more stories are being told, more tragedies are breaking the hearts, some hope is born and no we will not forget, we will not stop talking about beirut.

I am still recovering from my injury, hamdella on everything, the pain is still there and with every breath I take, I am grateful for being able to walk and for healing, for the safety of my family and for the love that I am getting.

The help is still flooding to Lebanon from all over the world, praying that fair distribution is being done by the NGOs to the ones in need. At some point I was hearing rumors on some corruption and lack of organization and cooperation between the different NGOs as same people are being interviewed for help by different NGOs while some have not been reached yet. Meanwhile keep checking the highlight support Beirut on my IG.

On another note, here are the most recent updates on the corona virus vaccine, and on which treatments have been promising so far.

F for Facts
This year have been challenging for most job seekers. Not to mention the rise in job and salary cuts. For all of you who are actively seeking jobs, here is how to support your job application.

F for Food

Do you have some overripe bananas? Nivine has the best recipe of these vegan muffin, check it in the post below

For for Fashion / Beauty
Fall is behind the door, let us get some excitement going on while in reality nothing is lifting my mood enough these days but maybe why not check the new hair color trends and maybe I will dare to change?

F for Fitness

Keep track of your fitness level and check these Strength exercises to enhance your endurance.


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