Happy one month and more! Well if you can’t find reasons to celebrate I will give you one: you are stronger than you think and look at you already abiding by the rules and staying home *cough you better be!

Because I hate to bring up to you, you can still spread the virus even if you are asymptotic. Not to scare you just please be cautious and act as if, nchalla not, you are sick and as if all those you meet are.

Trusting that hard work pays off, Wuhan has lifted then ban and check how people are celebrating it!

F for fun

We are safe at home, not stuck, in case you had previous travel plans, here is how you refund airline tickets and meanwhile enjoy virtual tours for these UK sites

F for food

Aren’t you all creative and lovely! Well I had fun in the kitchen doing this recipe so try it and tag me!

Chocolate oat balls recipe
Chocolate oat balls recipe

F for Fitness ( health)

Apparently, those magnesium pills can do more than relaxing the muscles and help you sleep, check the use of magnesium to treat constipation.

Your daily dose of antioxydents

F for fashion

Playing dress up at home is being super fun! Check my take on the yellow color here!

Yellow there

See you next week!

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