I got inspired today by a quote that one of my favorite people Maysa shared in her last live: If you have to go through it you might as well grow through it.

There is no right or wrong on how you are dealing with quarantine, don’t sink into the obligation of  being “productive”. You know yourself better, don’t be too gentle yet not to agressive. Find a way in between to profit from the time that ww have now without over requiring from yourself. Here are some tips to reduce social media stress.

And if you feel like it, check the list of skills to learn at home.

Are you curious like me on how it all started? check this article about the way the diseases get passed to humans from animals.

Do you know how far a sneeze travels? Get your answer here and keep that social distancing rolling! You might as well check these tips for Safe grocery shopping. Get dressed for the supermarket is our new adrenaline boosting favorite outing!

F for food

Release the inner chef in you and take your skills to another level by joining these free cooking classes. Don’t underestimate the power of food so add these healthy immunity boosters to your diet.


F for Fitness

Stay fit at home, I am sharing with you weekly home workouts and this week you can try these abs exercises.

F for fun

Who said you have to miss the beauty of the Washington cherry blossom this year, yep you can hop online to virtually hang under the trees and feel the beauty of spring.

Almond blossom
Almond tree blossom

F for Fashion

As I promised myself to get dressed daily and show up for my self, I shared with you the latestspring trends, shall we play dress up during the lockdown?

See you next week!

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La Petite



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