Lockdown with style! In the midst of the global pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, the social distancing and the anxiety that is getting on our nerves, we have two choices: let our time be ruined with worry or take the moment to be grateful for the opportunity to slow down and savor this moment. Also why not explore the trends for the Spring 2020! So what should be wear this spring while roaming from the kitchen to the living room, come on let us play dress up!

Spring Styles

Knit dresses

Spring is in the end a transition between winter and summer, so why not wear your knit dress in a springy mood. I like to wear mine with a shirt underneath it and sling shoes.

Long or bermuda shorts

Perfect also to be paired with suits as its mid length make it office appropriate.



The suiting trend has taken over our closet; if you don’t feel like wearing the three piece suits, use the vest to stay on top of the trends. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a casual look or shorts and heels for the evening.


Business casual

Why not wear that suit with dad sneakers and a crop top or t-shirt to feel less formal?!

Casual suit

Soft leather

Another winter staple which you can carry to warmer days, leather on leather will also be trendy for next year so it will be a clever idea if you can shop some items during the sales too.

Green Leather


I was happy to see this trend sticking from last year, my favorite would be pastel lilac top with a plisse skirt! How would you wear it?

Sheer top

Puff sleeves

Another favorite from last season; they even carried it to the other level with voluminous shoulders and yes it will be also persistent till next season so feel free to stock on that!

Puffy sleeves

60s and 70s 

Both decades prints are a hit, what is not to like!


Spring colors


A close cousin to the Pistachio of last year.

Mint to be

Flame scarlet

Warm weather calls for warm hues. Not red not orange but the best of both.



Again combine yellow and orange to get the warm hue that is not hard to style and is quiet yet stands out.


Coral Pink

Feminine chic which is perfect on sequins and silk material, wear it day or night.

Pink Coral


It is the new beige, neutral shade that has different ranges from charcoal to slate to smoke. So get you “groutfit” going.

50 shades of grey


T strap sandals

Minimal yet it is now ruling the runways.

T strap sandals

Mary jane

As feminine as it can be.

Mary Jane


Perfectly combining comfort and style.


Functional sandals

Yep the same “ugly” ones you had from last year. embrace your tourist spirit!

Ugly trends


I bet you are all wondering if dad sneakers will be still trendy. Well let us say that the trend is more tamed, so you won’t be seeing the exaggerated versions on the streets. Also expect to see the 90s styles from the top brands you love as well as the all white sneakers.  But hey, have fun with colors too.


Let us hope that spring warmth invades our hearts too and colors our days to be able to get through these hard days.

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La Petite

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