Ramadan Karim, with the holly month starting, I am full of faith in Allah’s mercy upon us, let us seize this opportunity to reconnect with Allah, and to dig in the real purpose of fasting beyond food and drink deprivation. Be mindful of what you eat and what you share as we are in a period where the poverty level is increasing and the economical situation affected many households; think more of sharing what is on your table than sharing it online.

On another note, and as much as Ramadan is about sharing moments with your loved ones, please keep social distancing in mind, until we beat this virus and go back to our normal lives, don’t discard all our efforts up to now.

For those of you who are using reusable masks, check what is the proper way to clean your mask.

F for Fun

How about a visual trips to the Oldest mosques around the world?

Zeitouna mosque
Zeitouna Mosque

F for Food

After a long day of fasting, we should focus on drinking as much as possible between iftar and souhur. And for those who cannot tolerate drinking plain water try these infused water recipes.

Detox water


F for fitness

We definitely all need these Back exercises as sitting home has a toll on us!

yoga for anxiety
Yoga for anxiety

F for Fashion

Spring has finally sprung! And here are some trends to shop online and yes get dressed to go no where!

Spring vibes
Spring trends

See you next week!

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