First of all, happy labors day to all of us!

As the lockdown is lifted gradually in Lebanon, and while the economic situation is at its worse, I feel more and more anxious, about the coming days. I was back to work this week on a rotation basis schedule, and on the first day, I was more anxious than students going back to school.
For many reasons, obviously the main is that I don’t think it is wise resume yet knowing that we are not on zero cases with corona spread. I read this article about what happens if we end social distancing too soon, so check it.

On another note, I sort of felt unprepared to resume normal life, not yet. I will address this in another detailed post, meanwhile, here is a soothing rhyme about being alive and some techniques to cope with anxiety.

When will covid 19 crisis end? Check this study that extrapolates predictions. Meanwhile keep social distancing and here are some mistakes  to avoid when wearing masks.

F for Fun

Ramadan this year is not the same. Where it is normally the month of gathering and reunions, on iftar tables, souhour nights, Tarawih prayers and much more, this year families are appreciating that at least they are with each others, and Mosques are unfortunately closed for the prayers as people are encouraged to pray home.


F for Food

Culinary therapy is what most of us are now doing. In case you are venturing in the baking scene, here is a simple Pizza dough recipe and bread recipes from around the world to try. Best accompanied by Soup!

Lentil soup

F for Fashion/beauty

Why not practice some eyeliner skills or play around with your palette, here are some summer makeup trends you might want to try!

My simple no makeup makeup

F for Fitness

Personally, I try to keep a minimum level of fitness during ramadan straight before iftar, I listen to my body and respect my limits when I am fasting. So here are some home workouts to exercise at the comfort of your home.

This video doesn’t exist


See you next week!

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