How you doin’?! How are the lockdown measures in your countries. As businesses are reopening slowly and as the measures are being lighter, it is crucial to be responsible and keep social distancing for a while. One question that many are asking is that can you be infected twice? As we are facing a new virus and everything is unknown due to lack of data in research; we are building our knowledge together. Many efforts are being placed in different countries, and lately in UAE, to produce the vaccine so keeping our fingers crossed.

Here is a fun test on how well you are doing this quarantine! As many have started experimenting with DIY selfcare, here is your guide to manicure and cutting your hair at home to avoid disasters!

Escape reality

F for Fun /Facts

In these hard times, where many are facing unemployment and salary cuts, not to mention the inflation and the incredible unjustified increase in prices, it is important to learn how to budget .

F for Fashion 

Can we ever be bored of Friends? NEVER. Here are 30 outfits that we loved from Friends. Rachel has always been a fashion icon; which one is your favorite?

This video doesn’t exist


F For Food

As many are experimenting in the kitchen, here are some free cooking classes to improve your skills and you definitely could use this list on the  missing ingredients swap.

Healthy Oat b halib

F for Fitness

Keep moving, keep your fitness goals. It is not about the summer body but about your health. So let us strengthen the core with this abs workout.

My weekly yoga flow

See you next week!

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