This week marked a special occasion to my heart, I celebrated my blog’s forth anniversary  and in this occasion I have a very interesting giveaway going on my instagram so make sure to check it.

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PTITNFIT blog turns 4! And what a better way to celebrate than share my joy with you, so the bday baby aka PTITNFIT will gift four of you for this forth anniversary Four amazing gifts ONE for each winner – 1:1 Discovery Session with Self Development Specialist Maysa Hamdan @icanbymaysa OR – Silver membership with the anti diet Dietitain @miraabedrabbo OR – Trendy shades from our optometrist @hivision.andbeyond OR – A mystery box with your favorite skincare and makeup products from yours truly @ptitnfit The rules are: 1- Like this post and follow all four accounts (we will check) 2- Mention your friends ( no celebrities) and let them do the same ( a must) 3- Bonus, share this post in your stories and mention us I will pick the four winners in four days😊 And finally i would love to thank you for your continuous love and support, without you I wouldn’t be here❤️🥰💋 . . . . #ptitnfit #lockdownbirthday #normalizenormalbodies #positivebodyimage#quarantinestories #healingvibrations #alternativemedicine #naturalhealth #lifecoachesofinstagram #nutritionaltherapist #holisticnutritionist #balancedmeals #onlinehealthcoach #onlinenutritioncoach #healthyfoodadvice #fitcommunity #quarantinebirthday #quarantinequotes #thingstododuringcoronavirus #quarantinestyle #stayhomebutmakeitfashion #quarantinemakeuplook #quarantinehairdontcare #artistsinquarantine #personalgrowth #selflovejourney #skincareessentials #skincareproducts #skincarememes #wfhlife

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Meanwhile, in Lalaland, which are actually many countries but specifically Lebanon, most people think the pandemic is over. Are they to be blamed? Sort of but also when the rules are not clear and when too many exceptions are mentioned, including for the only restriction which the car circulation rules, the rule becomes the exception itself. Just a reminder in case you are wondering if the pandemic is over!

Here is a funny experience in a German cafe that is forcing social distancing on its clients in an unusual way.

I don’t know what to feel or think anymore, I am fearing the result of this randomness but mostly furious for the fact that we have been in lockdown for almost three months and I cannot tolerate to see my efforts lost for irresponsible actions. But here is a breath of hope with stories around the world of what was it like going back to “normal” life.

And finally, UK is testing a new test that gives the results in 20 minutes and could replace the 14 days obligatory quarantine.

F for Fun

How many times have you seen wrong use of You’re and your (channels Ross’s voice!), It’s and Its, who’s and Whose? Here are 21 words that are mostly wrongly used and the proper way to use them.

Ross being Ross!

F for Fashion /beauty

Quarantine got us all cooking and DIYing especially for us beauty care fanatics, here are incredibly effective DIY face masks and also a guide on which skin care products need fridge to make the most out of them!

Detox mask

F for Food

Speaking about cooking, your microwave can do more than heat the leftovers, here are some hacks to make your life easier. And enjoy my easy no bake tahini lazy cake!

tahini lazy cake
Tahini Lazy cake


F for Fitness

End the week on a zen note and check this guided meditations to de-stress and recharge.

My Zen moment

See you next week!

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