Alert, I am not a Star wars fan but couldn’t help using the famous sentence 😛

Well, I guess my baby and I are both celebrating our birthdays during this lockdown. Yet as mama as Baby, I make sure to celebrate my blog’s anniversary the best way! (Check previous anniversaries:1 , 2 and 3).

Many challenges were faced last year, on both  personal and professional level which reflected on the blog; however this did not stop its growth.

I published around 53 blog posts which covered travel, style and fashion as well as the infamous four things to know this Friday which many of you wait from week to week. I shared my joy and my tears and poured my heart into the content that I create and share with you hoping that the time you spend on my blog reading and interacting has an added value.

I witnessed an amazing interaction from across the globe, just like I aimed and I still want to work harder to reach my goals.

I have many ideas in store for you, and I promise you the same consistency and quality of content. I would love to know also if there are other areas that you would like me to cover, your suggestions are so valuable for me.

I would like to thank each one of you for your precious time, your support and your constant motivation. They said people don’t read anymore, but I always believed that my niche do, thank you for proving others wrong!

Head to my last instagram post to see what I have in store for you as you definitely deserve more and more.

May the forth be with you!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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