The world burst in rage against the injustice and racism that we witnessed against George Floyd, and Ahmad Aubrey before and many other victims. Over all social media platforms, solidarity messages were shared and protests took USA by flame.

Among the fury that we are still witnessing such actions, we have to raise the voice as no sort of discrimination is accepted. From refugees struggle to occupied territories to gender and religion fights. Together we stand united to make this world a better place.

The corona pandemic is here to stay, at a certain point we feel that we will all eventually be infected, what could help us more is boosting our immunity.

F for Fun 

Abu Dhabi plans to “make the desert turn green” by building the world’s largest indoor vertical farm where it will cultivate produce such as lettuce, cabbages and tomatoes.

Pomegranate flower

F for Food

Summer calls for fresh produce, grill and light meals, and since we all turned into the kitchen these days here are so easy summer recipes to enjoy at your terrace.

Griled Halloum and mint with cherry tomatoes

F for Fashion/ beauty

Raise your hands if your hair and humidity are not good friends! Yep I fit this category, so here are some hair frizz solutions

Wait I won’t leave you before a fashion update!, Here are the must have basics to be trendy this Summer!

F for Fitness

One of my best areas to target when it comes to abs are the obliques so check this workout and get dem shaped!

Workout ready

See you next week!

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