Eid mobarak to you and your families and loved ones. As hard as it was to be celebrating eid alone without any direct family member, Hamdella for having the extended family as I enjoyed my time with them and tried to keep the rituals.


It was challenging and scary as it was the first time after three months of total lockdown to be around them again. Needless to say that we are all cautious about social distancing and precautions were taken as I preach them.


I was struck by this fear; we frequently talked about life after corona, and this small test is only an example of what we will face probably when for real we are back to “normal”.

As long as we are still required to be staying home and respecting the social distancing here are some interesting websites for online courses,  a list of movies to watch on “We are one” global film festival on Youtube and a list of books for your summer read.

De tes nouvelles book
Summer read

F for Fun / Facts

Besides the health aspect, one of the most discussed topics is how will travel be shaped after the pandemic. Check these two interesting articles about the corona virus and air travel industry in numbers and about the travel in age of corona.

Travel mood

F for Fitness

Here is a 25 minutes Full body workout using dumbells or replace them with water bottles followed by much needed stretch routine to release any tension in your muscles! Stay in shape.

Reformer Pilates
Take me back to reformer


F for Food

As the temperatures are rising, why not refresh with this ginger lemonade recipe?!



F for Fashion

First let us agree it is pronounced “KEY”, and yes QUAY and LIZZO collaborated on a very special capsule, so get your shades now!


See you next week!

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La Petite

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