I am starting to wonder how governments are taking the decisions when it comes to the ease of the lockdown while cases are increasing by the day.
I understand that the economies are suffering, but if you kill people, what is the need of the economy? What is the priority in these days? Random decisions are taken by the day and with this confusion, and the lack of education, some are presuming that the pandemic is over, while the threat keeps rising by the day.

Clearly we are facing a new disease and the knowledge about its behavior and treatment is minimal, while the researches are conducted at an amazing speed to get the vaccine out as soon possible, realistically, we have to take the time in the prevention and limiting the damage. This is the priority now.

On a happier note, Moderna, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company manufactured a vaccine, announced the encouraging early results from its phase 1 clinical trial Monday morning. The drug is now being tested in larger studies.

There is an experimental therapy called “antibody cocktails” to provide temporary immunity for at least a couple of months and treat those who are infected and experiencing symptoms.

One of the most important things that emerged during this pandemic, is the human support and how initiatives are changing the ugly side of social distancing and quarantine. EU’s plan on reopening the boarders might take some time, meanwhile  in Belgium where Cranes are reuniting families. 

And finally, we are celebrating mental health awareness during May, and here are two articles to help you protect your well being from negative energy and toxic people.

F for Fun

Hello Summer! Last week we were threatened with weird insects invasion, not sure whether it is contained or not, but in all cases mosquito are always ready to attack! here is what to eat to avoid bites


F for Food

The avocado craze is not taming down any time soon, what is not to like?! Do you want to be able to enjoy it year round, check those simple steps on how to freeze avocados

Who want guacamole

F for Fitness

Some are upset of missing the summer beach days and lazy hours by the pool. But don’t worry, and focus instead on how you can get your needed does of vit D.

Give me sun

F for Fashion (Beauty) 

This season, another comfortable “ugly” trend is hitting the runways, which comes perfect now that we are getting dressed to go no where and comfort comes first. Ladies and gentlemen, meet grandpa jeans! I also styled for you wide legs pants which are one of the summer trends as spotted in shows!

See you next week!

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