Congratulations for those who have destroyed our efforts for the past two months with their irresponsible actions and selfishness. We are back to critical zone now and risking a second wave. Here is a reminder of  what you need to know about covid, just in case you forgot:P.

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Me trying to hold myself and I when I am seeing the irresponsible actions during lockdown. FYI it is not over yet for you to go out and about and ruin our efforts for the past two months. Social distancing is not a trend that is over, it is for everyone’s sake if we are to dream about the end of this crisis. Be wise with your actions as you might be a threat on vulnerable people; think outside your buble🌚 . . . . . . . . . . #ptitnfit #ramadan #intentions #girlsthatwander #ootd #ootdbloggers #quarantine2020 #lockdown2020 #quarantinestories #stayhomestaysafe #socialdistancingactivities #healingvibrations #distancehealing #vibrationalhealing #lifepurposecoach #happyquarantine #selflovejourney #loveandlight #ramadan2020 #sarcasticmemes #moodforfloral #memyselfandi #picsart

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On a brighter note, there are promising studies made in Belgium using antibodies from Llamas for the coronavirus cure.

With the scandalous scenes that we saw this weekend on the flight back to Beirut, check this article on the proper social distancing on an airplane.

As distant as the moon

F for Fun/ facts

As masks are becoming part of our attire, here is your guide on reading facial expressions behind the masks! It is also a great opportunity to ditch those horrible body language habits

F for Fitness (health)

In the occasion of Mental health awareness month, it is as important to look after our mental health as our physical health. Check these guided meditations to help you.

Guided meditaion

F for food

Summer is right around the corner, and no Summer body is not cancelled, because it is not about the weight but about the health. These tips will help you stay healthy during quarantine  and these ice cream recipes will keep you sane!

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💁‍♀️Sometimes you need that sugar fix but you still want to keep things light and healthy, ya know⁉️ . 😍Well I got you with this HEALTHY, DELICIOUS & EASY Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream 🍨; . 👌You are sooo gonna looovee how refreshing, Creamy & simple this frozen treat is and so will the kids too😉and don’t forget to swipe for the actual thang😍; . . 👇What you’ll need: . – 1 Cup of Frozen Whole Strawberries 🍓 ;. – 3/4 Cup of Skim Milk; Or milk of Choice 🥛; – 2 tbsps Maple Syrup or Honey 🍯 ; – 2 tbsps Light Cream Cheese ; – 1/4 Cup of Low Fat Yogurt; . 👉Instructions: . 1️⃣ Throw everything into a blender or Processor , and pulse until combined and creamy; but don’t blend too long so you can still get some chunks of strawberries 😉; 2️⃣ Pour it into Cups, Then you can either eat it immediately or for a thicker consistency, put it in the freezer for an hour until it firms up a little more; 3️⃣ Sprinkle with Ground Almonds or graham crackers crumbs; . 💁‍♀️And Enjoyyy😍😍 🍨Now who’s having this after Iftar for a treat😉⁉️;

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F for Fashion

H&M’s is dropping a new Collaboration With Desmond & Dempsey with artsy prints and light textures perfect for summer wardrobe.

See you next week!

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