What is corona?! Imagine that we are more worried about the economic disaster in Lebanon than we are about our own health. How pathetic is this really.

Besides the emotional burden of pushing myself out after the lockdown, I can’t stop thinking about the insecure present, not even the future. jobs are being lost, salaries are being reduced, prices are inflating and the value of the money we have is becoming less and less compared to the expenses of living.

And there, I stop myself and say, I can only control the present moment and chose my reaction to it. I am currently taking the emotional regulation workshop with Maya Taher, where I am discovering myself and healing my inner child to reach my goals and greatest potentials. I do recommend you to check it out.

Back to Mr. Covid-19, here are two maps, one that shows you the progress of corona virus in the world and IATA interactive map for the travel conditions. You can also check the current restrictions of travel in Europe.

F for Fun /Facts

All over the word, economies are suffering, and so many countries are innovating in their policies such as Belgium who is adopting this strategy  to encourage local tourism.

Playing the tourist

F for Fitness / health

If you are still hesitant to hit the gym, or if you just feel like shake the stress away and do this barre workout home. After which you will be so ready to follow these steps for better sleep.

Fit for life

F for Fashion/ Beauty

Have you ever wondered what to look for when you search for your creams, here is the guide of  the active skin care ingredients to ensure the best outcome for your skin. And while we are at it, do you know about the dermaroller?

My skincare

F for Food

Sourdough baking was the most acquired skill probably during the lockdown, but there are other kinds that need your attention! Here is a bread ranking from the healthiest to the worst and a bonus recipe of whole grain loaf!

LIV LUV DOUGH my favorite baker

See you next week!

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La Petite

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