Have you missed me last week?! It was a roller coaster kind of weeks! Hectic days at work, a short trip mixing business with leisure that was smooth yet ended in a horrible way, and back to hectic days at work!

So let us take the most beautiful things of the last two weeks:

– The short trip to Tunisia where I enjoyed my stay at Movenpick and their s per aqua spa ( review coming soon) as well as revisiting my favorite spots ( check travel guide)!

Post Spa Glow

My sweetest soul Neyla Nakad is backkkk; she is giving classes at Amalgam on Thursdays!

And the weekend was sealed with lunch at very beautiful spot in Nabaa Merched, totally recommended for the tasty food and the breathtaking location.


Now back to…

F for fashion:

With the sales heating up, here is a list of the 11 basics to buy from Zara and how to style them. Let’s grab dem those deals!

ZARA salwe
Zara sale


F for fun

Any Friends’ fan in da house? If you are around coffee bean and teal leaf store, you can grab your dose of coffee inspired by Friends’ characters! Which characterdo you relate to?


F for food

The heat wave not leaving anyone spared apparently so make sure to stay hydrated, and now we have more excuses to have ice cream! As if we needed one!
Here are some ice desserts from around the world


Ice cream

F for fitness

Are you hitting the plane soon? No matter how long was the flight, we all end up exhausted after. So here are some moves to prepare your body before and to restore after.

three women s doing exercises
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com


See you next week!

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La Petite

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