The charming city often hides in the least expected places gems that leave you astonished.

How many times have I walked down that street in Clemenceau but never did I pay attention to what is now “Beyt Amir”.


Not surprised though from the gem seekers behind Motto, Makan and Zawarib to find us that precious place.

Beyt Amir offers the option of renting a room or the 2 bedroom apartment . In addition you can enjoy the daily breakfast and lunches, Thursday themed dinners and Saturday brunches like Makan.



Room for rent

They also host exhibitions that are out of the common, the most recent one was the metamorphosis of the city; worth checking.


My best meals are those that combine beautiful location, welcoming staff and tasty food. Beyt Amir like Makan has the perfect mix.

I visited Makan frequently to enjoy different themed brunches and dinners, never deceived me.

On a beautiful fall day, my friend and I were spoiled as a kid in the lunapark, the second we stepped in, we were in awe of the location, the exhibition, the food, everything.

The meal starts with the crispy bread served with zaatar mix and olives.

Crispy bread

The international menu is cooked to perfection: we tried:

  • Lentils salad with feta cheese: so fresh I totally recommend it
Lentil salad
  • The tomato tarte: how simple were the ingredients, how amazing was the taste, crunchy mille feuille dough, topped by grilled cherry tomatoes seasoned to perfection, a must try
Tarte tomato
  • Tuna salad, my love for this fish is endless, though I am not a fan of string beans and would replace it with something else
Tuna salad

We toured the place floor by floor, we chatted with the manager, we enjoyed every minute spent. I tell you this place is a must visit.

Follow them on Facebook to check their themed dinners and brunches as well as current exhibitions.

Places like these make feel like I travel to a new city with each visit, are you willing to take off!

Beyt Amir

Clemenceau, near Haigazian University 

La Petite


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