Four things to know this Friday

Are you ready for Eid? As usual, Ramadan passes in a glimpse, and though each day has its challenges to be productive and to tolerate the hardship yet nothing compares the joy of breaking fast by the end of the day. F for Food While lentil soup remains my favorite, I love exploring new recipes, […]Read more

Beyt Amir: an escapade to the beautiful old Beirut

The charming city often hides in the least expected places gems that leave you astonished. How many times have I walked down that street in Clemenceau but never did I pay attention to what is now “Beyt Amir”. Not surprised though from the gem seekers behind Motto, Makan and Zawarib to find us that precious […]Read more

Your ultimate travel guide to Tunisia: On Alissar’s Trail

A picturesque country, Tunis with its ancient Medina and overlooking the Mediterranean is surely breathtaking. I had the chance to visit Tunis the capital for 5 days, and in the limited time that I was there, the charm of the city has captivated me. Another mix and match trip, Business turned to Leisure! How to reach: […]Read more