Are you ready for Eid? As usual, Ramadan passes in a glimpse, and though each day has its challenges to be productive and to tolerate the hardship yet nothing compares the joy of breaking fast by the end of the day.

F for Food

While lentil soup remains my favorite, I love exploring new recipes, and found this beetroot soup one so why not give it a try.

beetroot soup
Credits to Waitrose


F for Fitness (health this time)

Many praise the benefits of meditation to help one reconnect with oneself; I have tried assisted meditation using few apps and I found good results. Here is what you need to know.

Credits to Posterlounge


F For Fashion (Beauty hacks)

Deodorant is something vital, summer or not, this magical anti-odor of perspiration is a life savor; however, the stains that it leaves are not always pleasant. How about a small tutorial on how to remove them!

Credits to Imgur


F For Fun

Any Spice girls fans? Now you can stay in the Spice Bus from Spice World! The bus is located in the Wembley Park area of London. Read more about it here.

Credits to Airbnb

See you next week!

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