Are we getting in the holiday spirit or what my loves! Fake it till you make it if it i about having fun. Let us nurture this feeling, take your mood in charge this time and FILL YOUR HEAR WITH JOY!

Mine is being filled with joy of following my dream. It is only the start and the best is yet to come InshAllah for all. This week I started the fashion styling course at ESMOD so expect alot of good content coming your way!

Here are five new things that we learned about COVID and the common symptoms of the omicron variant. And finally can a chewing gum reduce COVID infection?!

F for Fun

Mariah Carry is not the only one defrosting this December! Home alone sequel too! And if you are an avid fan, you can now stay at the “home” via airbnb in Chicago for mere 25 $!

F for Fashion (Beauty)

As temperatures are dropping and winter is knocking, check how you can soothe chapped lips and switch you skincare routine, remember you can use my code PTITNFIT10 and profit from discount on sohaticare!

F for Fitness (Health)

12 ways to strengthen your immunity naturally this winter and what causes the morning headache?

F for Food

What are holidays without roasts! Check these three delicious recipes! Finish your meal with this decadent chocolate cookie!

See you next week!

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La Petite

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