Today marks the National Stress Awareness day. We are also approaching the holiday seasons and it is normal to be overwhelmed. I wanted to share with you some handy tips that I use to manage my stress.

We all live in a world where everyone is stressed: work, drive, sleep… This is one of the main culprit behind many diseases. It is not easy to always be powerful, cheerful and ignoring the stressful moments require some effort.


However when we are aware of the essential factors causing it, we can beat it with the right tools!

1- Sleep: it is the basic, when you are sleep deprived you will have lower tolerance, and your body is weaker. I will be sharing a detailed post about my tips to beat the insomnia (personal experience) but in general make sure you have 6-8 hours of proper deep sleep.

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2- Eat and Drink: they are not wrong when they say you are what you eat! Opt for food rich with magnesium, healthy fats, antioxidants like avocado, spinach, bananas, blueberries, oily fish, milk as well as the herbal infusions. Not to forget the H2O, so make sure you get the 2 liters recommendation per day.

Eat Drink
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3- Exercise: it is not only for the shape, the hormones released after the workout are feel good hormones, it is also a way to release the stress. Don’t over require from yourself, 3 times per week are enough. I do recommend adopting a lifestyle where you incorporate the movement in your normal tasks: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to your destination if possible, strolling around the room when you are on a call…

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4- Socialize and alone time: find a balance where you are out and about with friends, colleagues over the coffee break, occasions to meet new people as it can help cheer you up, but also appreciate your alone time where you connect with yourself which will keep you grounded

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5- Plan, predict, treat or avoid: frequently we are overwhelmed with tasks and to do lists that are endless. A proper plan will help you organize your day/week while leaving room for unexpected events.
When you know what you are expecting ahead of time, you can work around to deal with it! For ex, driving is a big source of stress for me, whenever possible I would order Careem for a hassle free ride!

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I am not claiming it is easy or feasible all the time, but knowing how harmful the stress is, I think it is crucial to keep in mind those tricks to minimize its effect.

Stay Fabulous and Zen,

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