How practical it is to park your car, cross a gate, and have everything you need in one place? Much needed no?

Well, The bridge heard your request, and your wishes are now fulfilled.

One location in Sin El Fil, Mirna Chalouhi’s highway, right before Al Hallab shop, there is a parking, and valet parking service too.

It hosts two restaurants: one Lebanese and another fine dining: Kan ya makan and Verseine both offering live entertainment.

I was invited to the opening of the latter. Verseine, a French restaurant with piano bar, and live music by Bassema . We tasted some of the plates, of course due to the opening and the number of invited guests, the cuisine cannot be assessed fully, and some fine tuning is needed, however overall we had a pleasant evening. The best was the spa massage vouchers that were offered.

The Bridge has a night club also with live shows: Pitch black is already attracting the crowds. There is also a gym, I did not try any yet, but I heard really good feedback.

I had the opportunity to try the play arcade: Funscape has a variety of areas suitable for all ages, a section dedicated to the babies with trained personal, a laser tag room and much more. A good option to have some fun indoors this winter!

Last, but not least, the unwinding is guaranteed, if you are looking to escape the hustle of the city, H2O the spa is your address.

I tried the Balinese massage, done by a professional, where I was pampered and disconnected my mind to enjoy a relaxing treatment with oil (60 minutes for merely 80$). Many other treatments are available, and for very reasonable prices. There is also free access to the jacuzzi and sauna areas.

You see, as I told you, you can easily spend one day at The Bridge from morning to the latest evening hours! Give it a try!

La Petite


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