We are only in February, but most of us are already thinking where their spring break, summer break, or mini vacation would be!
2018 sounds promising with the top destinations, for me Portugal, Spain and Corsica are definitely on my list!
Or if your destination is specified by the “Instagramability” of the location, then this list is yours! New York, I am coming to you 🙂
The Culture Trip  shared  a compilation by  TripAdvisor  for the best attractions in each country in maps ( © Vouchercloud)  rated according to the ‘things to do‘ tool.
From the Americas and their natural wonders, Western Europe with tourism focused, and Eastern Europe and its historical sites, here is a glimpse in the map below.
Hope your year will be filled with beautiful discoveries, and don’t forget to check my escapades to Italy ( here and here), Jordan (here and here) and Tunisia!
Flying solo?, here are nice tips on how to meet people during your trips.
Claim your rights in case your flight got delayed or was cancelled:  AIRHELP is your new lawyer!
So you have no excuses anymore! Where is your next destination?!
La Petite

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