Four things to know this Friday

Have you started enjoying feeling your bones again? Well, I surely have. So let us hit this week’s list with rainbows and flowers! F for Food I am sure that the majority of us have joined the Chia seed craze in puddings and smoothies, but Basil seeds are the next It thing, so check more […]Read more

Planning a vacation soon, check the top destinations for 2018.

We are only in February, but most of us are already thinking where their spring break, summer break, or mini vacation would be! 2018 sounds promising with the top destinations, for me Portugal, Spain and Corsica are definitely on my list! Or if your destination is specified by the “Instagramability” of the location, then this […]Read more

Where should you go this autumn?

If you are looking for a quick escapade this fall, Culture trip has prepared this test for you to know where you should go, click here to have an insight about each  destination ! Bonus, take this test to know which travel adventures matches your personality best! Whether as Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe says: “They YOU travel with a constant […]Read more