New year starts usually with resolutions, plans, to do lists, etc… as if an extra pressure is needed.

This year, l wanted things to be different, why not start the year with a positive approach, stress free and gentle on oneself?

That was the idea behind “Today I Will”, I wanted it to be the lovely start of the year. On daily basis, I intended to start the day with a thought nurture to feel better. It was not a task, not related to work or duties, the full focus should be shifted on the self-care.

I added one story coupled with an image to reflect what was intended during that day. Thanks to Instagram’s feature, they are all now highlighted in my Profile ! One click and you can go through them hoping that they will inspire you, and maybe see the new year’s traditional resolutions from another angle!

book gifs2

This year, plenty of new ideas are stored for you, if you like to stay updated, all you have to do is follow me on my Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, and the blog’s newsletter❤️

Oh one more thing before you go! January ‘s “Today I Will” will stick throughout the year as “Monday’s Mood Boost”; it is about time we beat that Monday blues!

La Petite


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