While that turkey is getting roasted, and the yule is getting baked, quick tips on how to fit gracefully in the holidays and it is not as hard as looking at your back account after buying all your Christmas gifts!

1- Fill your water tank!

The number one tip that I give you, and that is applicable all year-long is to stay hydrated with none but H2O! Not only it helps you avoid overeating, you will clear your skin and your beauty will be shiny!


2- Choose your battles!

When you are invited to eat out, I recommend you to choose one aspect to watch: your drinks, or skipping the bread basket, appetizers or dessert: just pick what you prefer to have (in moderation anyway) and avoid the rest. That way you can indulge and not feel the frustration of  deprivation. Don’t focus on what you CANNOT eat but on what you CAN have


Bonus tip, couple the carbs with food group that improves their metabolism: spices such as cinnamon, pickles and kimchi also improve insulin sensitivity.

3- Don’t forget the Etiquette!

What is better than catching up with friends, mingling and meeting new people. Extra benefit: you will skip the passing trays because after all your mother raised you better than talking with your mouth full!

full MOUTH

4- Dance baby dance!

Well yeah you have to hit the dance floor: it is a workout after all. Meanwhile stick to your workout routine, enroll in group exercises (Mostly welcome at my Barre class !) what matters is to keep in mind that when you exercise not to eat more but to stay Fit and healthy!


In the end, what matters is that you enjoy your time and be merry!

Happy Holidays!

Gifs credits to Giphy.

La Petite


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