How did you know about us?! A very sweet humble question I was asked when I stepped in to enjoy a huss free, reservation free midweek dinner!

To which I replied: Oh from social media but now that all the buzz is calming, I can come!

And I could not have been Happier! Thank you Toufic for making our experience enjoyable.


To start, again and again, I am proving that you can get “Healthy” meal EVERYWHERE!

With restaurant management clever enough to cater all tastes, even the lobster roll can come carb free in lettuce wrap, now how considerate is that! Though I am planning to come back to try it with those tasty fries crispy and calling but over lunch maybe!

The restaurant has few tables outside and a commune table inside with few stools on the bar overlooking the street and facing the wall with mirrors reflecting a wider space.


The tables are decorated with beautiful flowers and candles, charming ambiance of a “resto du coin” or a “trattoria”. Green plants are distributed all over the place, beverage and cutlery on one side, the fresh lobsters and the bouzet jeddo ice cream are on the other side, and facing you the open kitchen where all the preparation and plating are done, not to forget the complimentary water dispenser with lemon and mint!


The menu, printed on the wall as well as papers over wooden palettes, is very simple yet has many options and you started to get used on my love for salads so obviously we opted to share two salads:


  • Lobster salad: a mix of greens and kumquat sprinkled with toasted pine nuts and topped with the canadian lobster: the dressing based on ginger and mustard: my two favorite combined, could that be any better! The medium size is so generous and fulfilling


  • Shrimp salad: again a base of greens with zucchini, edamame and topped with shrimps with a spicy Asian sauce with reduced salt as notified by Toufic! Very fresh and tasty indeed.088

The complimentary detox water with lemon, the attention to our requests and the accuracy of the orders, the sweetness overloaded our dinner and we had the best time.

The next visit will revolve around the lobster rolls and maybe bisque since winter is coming and yes I am bracing myself because after all I found my Lobster! And hey, I am sharing with you!


Lobster society is in the side road leading to Tavolina before Memory lane, look at the right and you will spot a cute sign with a red lobster and their name on it!

You can reach them on 01 444565.

La Petite


Lobster Society Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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