Lobster society: ShEll we eat!

How did you know about us?! A very sweet humble question I was asked when I stepped in to enjoy a huss free, reservation free midweek dinner! To which I replied: Oh from social media but now that all the buzz is calming, I can come! And I could not have been Happier! Thank you […]Read more

The food dealer: and it feels like … home

My quest never stops to explore my city with all my senses; and how thrilled I am when in one spot I spoil the five-six of them! Those secret gems, that are bursting in Mar Mkhayel, excite me as if I am on a treasure hunt! Luckily I am rarely deceived. After several attempts to […]Read more

Bro where is my burger!

The three bros who swamped people with their tasty burgers during souk el akl, finally landed in their own place in Mar Mkhayel! I loved the experience from A to Z and how in what seems like grab and go counter, I had a juicy burger and one of the best actually! We were a […]Read more

Tusk: a truly secret gem.

Mar Mkhayel back-roads have plenty of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, from Kalei to Makan and Motto and plenty of other spots off the beaten track, offering unbeatable culinary experiences. And my search for these gems is ongoing. As one day in my Instagram feed I spotted a bakery like no other: Tusk. It took a while to finally find […]Read more

Sushi Shinto: A”SOY” sweet dinner:)

Joud got it all right, the lovely owner of Sushi Shinto Hazmieh opened a new branch in Mar mkhayel, beautifully lit inside out. As a faithful to the first branch, it was a must to pass ans try the newly opened one. The experience is enhanced by the attention from all the staff, the relaxed […]Read more