What opened as a family business serving the regular labneh and cheese sandwiches, has evolved to a staple in the dine in and delivery of a very wide selection of sandwiches, salads and platters.

They recently opened their third branch in Sodeco Ashrafieh, and I was very happy to join the tasting session of the newly added items as well as the other top sellers on their menu.

In a very small outlet, an open kitchen is inviting to see the perfect hygienic conditions in which the meals are prepared.

Fresh ingredients are used to make the traditional as well the innovative items of the menu.

I enjoyed my meal tasting:

– From the new salads:

Rocca and mushroom: a super fresh and healthy one with shaved Parmesan, walnuts and pomegranate seeds, served with balsamic dressing which was a bit salty but it was my favorite.

The chicken mango is on the exotic side, I loved the creamy dressing and the contrast in flavors between the smokiness of the char grilled chicken with the sweetness of the mango

The new take on nachos with potato chips served with dips, it is crunchy and sharable

The creativity can come in different shapes! Khaled the owner, requested Halloumi with a new twist: circle shaped instead of the rectangular one. They are grilled and served with some veggies. I asked for tannour bread and their homemade pesto sauce on the side. Order it my way and tell me what do you think!

Mini chia seeds sandwiches are available in the healthy section:

I tried two types of fresh mozzarella one served with bresaola and the other one with tomato sauce; I preferred the first one.

A very tasty combination of  grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella and avocado was a winner.

Without leaving any evidence, I indulged in some spoons of the dessert cups: a heavenly good pistachio cheese cake not like anything I had before and the brownies nutella balls.

Bites of perfection is not only a slogan, it is what you would really have at miniguette.

Thank you Khaled for spoiling me also with the beautiful gift keeping it dear to my heart!

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Main branch: Near Salim Salam Mosque, Salim Salam

Koretiem branch: Itani Street 

Sodeco branch: Petro Trad Street

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