On your way: your affordable personal shopper!

Here is a scenario: you are surfing the internet, checking the sites for good deals, and finally you find what you are looking for; you click to purchase to find out that the item does not ship to Lebanon; what a bummer! You start asking in your social media feed: guys is anyone coming from […]Read more

Mini guette: not your regular sandwiches

What opened as a family business serving the regular labneh and cheese sandwiches, has evolved to a staple in the dine in and delivery of a very wide selection of sandwiches, salads and platters. They recently opened their third branch in Sodeco Ashrafieh, and I was very happy to join the tasting session of the […]Read more

My oasis: your lunch break has a different taste

Do you spend more time in the office than home, is your lunch break dull and you are day dreaming of your last or yet to come vacation? No worries, just like the vagabond lost in the desert eager to find an oasis to rest, My oasis is your savior adding a sparkle to your […]Read more

Lunch bag like Mom’s

While many crave burgers and fries, that I do love, of course, my weekly craving is mom’s lentils soup or Kishk with a side of kebbe whatever it was made from: meat, pumpkin or sweet potatoes. I was searching zomato for a reasonable delivery of my all time favorite, and that could be at the […]Read more