Delightful Delicatessen is one of the four sisters restaurants, Burger Co and recently opened Ummi at Beirut souks. And it is not to be underestimated! Same concept of ability to order from all four menus, we opted to honor’s menu only, and we did not regret! Service is synchronized with the theme, the staff are […]Read more

Kaléo: “The voice” of fine dining is calling!

If you have raved about the innovative decoration of DT, So, The gathering and memory lane among many creative designs of David and Nicolas from Found’d group, then you will surly love their new signature “Kaléo” opened last March. With garden hues of velvet green and flamenco’s pink, the indoor area is very inviting. Different […]Read more

Peninsula: La Borghese Libanese!

Zomato and The peninsula management hosted us, a bunch of eager foodies, for a zomato meetup. Escape the city’s traffic and disconnect, how you may ask? Well it is easy. The peninsula is located in Dbayeh back street before Le Royal Hotel. Take a small turn on the right to be transported to field of gardenia […]Read more

Shakeaway: Let’s work these shakettes!

Are you tired from your regular Strawberry banana milkshake, of the syrup loaded shaved ice, of the extra sweet frozen yogurt? How many times have you wished to get creative with the ingredients and mix and match as per your taste? Shakeaway is the address where your wishes will be granted! It all started back in […]Read more

Jaï: Long live Wael!

It all started as a delivery kitchen, catering Hamra and surrounding areas with succulent Thai and Indian dishes. But then people were raving about this place. And the rounded table inside the kitchen was more inviting and so a restaurant was born! You have two options: either venturing in booking a seat on the round […]Read more