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Are you tired from your regular Strawberry banana milkshake, of the syrup loaded shaved ice, of the extra sweet frozen yogurt?

How many times have you wished to get creative with the ingredients and mix and match as per your taste?

Shakeaway is the address where your wishes will be granted!


It all started back in 1999 where the re-invention of milkshakes saw the light in Bournemouth on the south coast of England, and people loved it! Since then, the concept keeps growing and have now opened stores around the world!

The young 25 years old Amira who finished her studies in  Hospitality Management has a long love story with Shakeaway! Her 1st Shakeaway milkshake was in the Uk back in 2008 and upon every visit there she made sure to get her Shakeaway dose. She often dreamed if bringing this experience back home! And dreams do come true, Amira finally contacted the company to become a master franchisee; it took few meetings with the CEO and his team and after two years she had three weeks training to finally open the branch in Beirut souks.

The team enthusiast and preparing the orders!

The concept is simple; you have more than 180 flavors available from fruits, power foods, to biscuits and chocolates to choose from and make your own milkshake, smoothie or frozen yogurt as per your taste. Besides that additional items were added to cater the Lebanese taste such as Loukom, Baklava and Rose water; you can imagine the possible combinations  and endless choices.

The taster cup

If you don’t feel like venturing, you can stick with the items on the menu among which you can find other people’s creations that became popular. Oh did I forget to tell you that? excuse my omission! If your “creation” was as tasty as you think it might be selected to be featured on the menu and will have your name!

The milkshake can be made either with vanilla ice cream or with fat-free yogurt as per your taste, the shaved ice is all made with a special recipe of natural fruit purée and real fruits topping and the 100% fat free frozen yogurt surely makes a guilt free dessert.

I had the chance to chat with the CEO Mr. Peter Dickson who told me the story and the future plans of franchising all over the world. He guided me through my tasting experience of the wide versatile menu:

  • Dave: the mix of Italy’s pride: ferrero rocher and kinder bueno with crumbled flakes on top; a scrumptious drink / dessert that will satisfy your craving for sure


  • Sophie: think vanilla cupcake and lemon curd topped with coconut shaving; flavorsome mixture that transports you to Hawaii!


  • Mr. Peter’s favorite frozen yogurt; the banana and honey with shaved almonds on top: finally some dense and natural tasting frozen yogurt is available in Lebanon!


  • Last but not least: PtitNFit’s own creation, even Mr.Peter liked it! Lime, grapefruit and some blueberries: sour and tangy just the way I like it! Order it when you go and maybe it will figure on the menu!


I would definitely recommend you to stop by and live the adventure, you will not regret it! You can prepare yourself ahead of time by checking the  menu!

Enjoy mixing and shaking!

This post is also in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge  on being healthy!

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