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While many crave burgers and fries, that I do love, of course, my weekly craving is mom’s lentils soup or Kishk with a side of kebbe whatever it was made from: meat, pumpkin or sweet potatoes.

I was searching zomato for a reasonable delivery of my all time favorite, and that could be at the same time healthy. I stumbled upon Lunch bag that serves plat du jour; they are based in Badaro.

I called them hoping to find any kind of  kebbe served today, and gladly they were serving pumpkin one!


The portion is soooo generous, it comes with a side of salad or yogurt and bread; all for a mere sum of 10 000 lbp.


The kebbe was so delicious, two layers of pumpkin dough stuffed with heavenly caramelized onions and walnuts all seasoned with lots of summac which resulted in a tasty contrast of sweet and sour.



It has a homemade taste indeed, and I do recommend it as a very healthy and practical option for your lunch. I am looking forward trying more of their cuisine.

Mom don’t you worry about me, I am in good hands!




2 thoughts on “Lunch bag like Mom’s

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, it touched us deeply.
    we strive to reach the best quality and satisfy our customer’s tasting buds.
    a Huge thank you from all the moms behind the Lunch Bag’s scene.


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