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And again i was back, this time for  lunch as pre -bday celebration with the ladies!
The management, the service and the CHEF thank you for making it an enjoyable time regardless the poring rain.
We sat outside and were served by Peter and Yahia.
We started by the one and only addiction : tappenade and bread basket!
We ordered:
  • Green salad: we asked with extra cherry tomato and we so love the sauceeeeeee
  • Healthy quinoa salad again the sauce and the addition of pine nuts and the raisins
As main we shared:
  • Grilled shrimps: a hit with its special the seasoning and the tartare sauce. The rice was not super though.
  • Grilled salmon with a side of vegetables and fries accompanied with a lemon sauce.
  • Asparagus risotto: creamy and cooked to perfection


And we ended it with dessert:
  • Tartelette de chocolat: a mix of tarte and fondant so imagine the decadence of the taste it just melts in your mouth and the crunchiness of the tarte not to forget the vanilla ice cream on the side to contrast hot and cold!
  • Maccaron au pistache: again not your regular maccaron: imagine a fuson of maccaron with a filling of cheese cake drizzled with a raspberry sauce and a scoop of strawberry ice cream
  • Knowing me the more ice cream the merrier i am! SO i enjoyed sharing three scoops of chocolate, marron and mango!


I totally recommend you to visit the place; the service this time was way better and more professional We had lovely time.

My previous experience was a follows:

Since it is not my first time in Society Bistro; I made sure to call two weeks in advance to guarantee a table!

My previous experience was really good, though the service was equally a problem; untrained staff but at least not rude!

The host on the phone is very polite; the person receiving and taking the reservation in the restaurant is very helpful and smiley. He greeted us and lead us to join my friend who already was seated.


And the journey of rudeness and lack of professionalism began:

  • The waiter had already poured the still water, without asking my friend for the preference. Not to mention how much I find it silly to oblige people with water the minute they are seated. So I told him that we prefer sparkling water. While he was not pleased with my request; he changed the glasses and served us.
  • We were waiting for more than 10 minutes, more than four to five waiters standing around and no one gave us the menus until we asked for them.
  • When taking the order, another waiter came. My friend was trying to ask him for his recommendation between Scottish salmon or tagliatelle aux cèpes, he replied him with a dry tone that it is up to his taste. We tried to explain to him that what he is trying to know whether one or another is a specialty.

Luckily we were served with the tasty yet not fresh only heated bread basket accompanied with the addictive tapenade and whipped butter: be cautious to get addictive!


We ordered:


  • Crab salad: I am not sure it can be called salad if it was a pile of very tasty and generous portion of crab seasoned and presented over quarter a leaf of lettuce,  when we received it, deceived with lack of greens , we ordered the ” salade de maison” as a side of greens


  • Smoked salmon: layered and topped with capers and a slice of lemon; apparently we can not have mustard jars on the table! The waiter approached me saying: choose which you want; I told him that I would like at least to have two teaspoons of each, again with the same attitude he served each of us as we requested


  • Tagliatelle aux cèpes: a generous portion of aldente cooked tagliatelle in a creamy mushroom sauce, heavy for my taste but it is really delicious


How can we not venture this time in tasting the dessert; just to note that when clearing the table, as dirty as the plate-mates were, I had to ask for them to be cleaned before placing the clean set for dessert serving; oh and yes the waiter was grumpy about it!


Anyhow, we ordered:

  • Tarte aux pommes: a piece of art; thinly sliced pieces of apple dusted with cinnamon over a dough and topped with vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of caramel: HEAVEN


  • Gateau au chocolat: can I describe it as FLUFFY; weird i know but that is how light it was, just the right sweetness with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; DREAMY


  • As faithful addict to ice -cream, we asked for three additional scoops: mango and lemon: not my favorite, and another one of vanilla


Chef, you are an artist, and you have many fans indeed. Management: please make sure that the service does not ruin the perfect experience each customer looks forward to having every time he comes to enjoy his meal.

Crossing fingers that my voice gets heard!


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