At this time of the year, we tend to measure how much we have fulfilled of the ” Resolutions” we promised ourselves to stick with!

That is so depressing, let me do it differently, PtitNFit way!

 Today, I want to review my year in a visual way. I tried to pick a photo to represent the month it was taken at. It will be reflecting anything I achieved, felt, failed or wished for during that month.

Join me as I travel back in time to flip the pages of 2016, and maybe get some inspiration for the coming 2017.



“If life becomes too much to bear, your angels are always there.”

As the previous year ended on not so super tuper ok notes, God has put in my way few Angels, thanks to whom I started this year with hopes and assurance that things will be better. Photography outing with Dar Al mussawir only made it better! How can I not mention my sweet kitty cat Baguera always adding a taste to my Saturdays!



“But only art and music have the power to bring out peace”

A month perfectly spent indulging the soul with tasty food discoveries, enchanting hidden gems and soothing musical performances. Nothing beats sharing the pleasure with dear ones! And a photography workshop with Dar al mussawir also to enhance my knowledge in my humble Nikon;)



“Accept yourself, love yourself, celebrate yourself”

Birthday month is the best, pampering myself and getting pampered. I had the chance to attend Social media training with Ralph Aoun at Amideast and which I highly recommend.



“If you truly love Nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere”

Don’t you love spring! My favorite season, warm weather, beautiful scenes and most importantly HIKING ! That one was taken from a hike to Qammoua, beautiful untouched nature. Note the hair bow I had😜.



“You may have the UNIVERSE if I may have ITALY!”

I enjoyed an escapade to Rome, Florence and Naples. You got me addicted ITALY to savor la DOLCE VITA!



“A new baby is like the beginning of all things, wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities…”

Delightfully, I took the long awaited step and launched my PtitNFit blog! And the journey has started. Thank you for your support all along; this means the world to me.



Holidays are the best time to count your blessings”

A blissful month surrounded by family, a part of it at least. Oh and besides all the sweetness of Eid, the tummies were equally happy with good food especially in Mosaic and Tawlet Ammik.



“It’s a smile, it’s a tan, it’s SUMMERTIME”

Summertime and the living is easy! Weddings, tanning, rooftops, outings with friends. Oh everything sweet to remember. How about a new nephew to make that even better! Welcome on board Rayyan. What a month:)


i. 100%“Travelling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller”

Back on the road, a solo trip to remember to Jordan where the mix of business and leisure was at its best. It included indulging in hidden gems’ discoveries, tasty food, beautiful captures from my lenses, lovely company and Eid!



“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever”

Summer is not over until I say so! Savoring every last drop of it: few lazy days under the sun, outings with colleagues, local getaways, concerts and fairwell to rooftops, Halloween and some artsy work of calligraphy with the talented Ghaleb Hawila.



“It is how big the home is”

Birthday celebrations, photography marathon with Frame, thank you Megh and Maroun, new discoveries and most importantly an addition to the family; ahlan baby Shadi!



“Remember this moment, cherish this story, celebrate this life”

 Enjoy the blessing of the holidays; that is what December was about: Secret santas, celebrating every possible occasion with dear ones, indulging in Sweet and sour. And counting the fun moments with friends.

As the year came to its end, I am so grateful for all my failures and successful moments, for the tears and laughter, for the losses and gains, for the new encounters and for the lessons I learnt. Thank you for being part of it. And Hamdella for the ones who are always there to support me; I love each one of you and would not imagine my life without you, whether you are near or far, your place is in my heart.

And since the year had a lot more than what I posted, you can follow me here and on my instagram account!

Would love to hear your stories and experiences too.

Happy beginnings ♥♥♥

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