With small steps made in the new year, 2017 have dragged its tail and left us.

Laughter and tears, new encounters and goodbyes, surprises and disappointments, success and failure, blockage and creativity….But what do we actually or should we hold on to? For me and not being too idealistic, the lessons learnt, the memories, the un-achieved goals and mainly feeling proud for whatever we reached.

Being positive is not given, it is a constant exercise, where each situation can be seen like a coin with two faces, and it is up to each one how to perceive it. It is very easy to slip into self doubt, condescending remarks, deception, feeling overwhelmed and losing hope. Yet it is more enjoyable to look at the brighter side of things: there is always a rainbow after the rain!

While I rarely advise to wait to start any change in one’s life, but if this makes you feel better, start the improvement you want this New year, without linking it to resolutions, obligations or must dos. This will lead to frustration, as a quality professional I will say make it SMART: specific, manageable, achievable, realistic and with a time frame!

Now La Petite, and as  last year’s review,  will travel with you again, back in time, on a visual trip of 2017.

A month , a photo, a thought, a feeling, an event, a tear, a laughter, a memory.



Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything

After an enjoyable NYE, that was spent with friends, the first day of the year started a bit with the wrong foot, which reminded me to always be thankful how God is there to prevent harm and even when going through dramatic events, to keep in mind how worse it could have been.

Yet on another note, it held with it a new addition to our family, baby Jawado has graced us with his birth. Oh and special anniversaries of  friendships that seem to be older than a lifetime!



Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment to something better

A month that started with the delicate snow flakes, an enchanted dinner and many lovely moments spent with those who matter. What else could I have asked for. Not forgetting to mention ending the best experience in photography class at Annahar Academy, with the talented Michel Osta which I totally recommend!



Gratefulness is the experience of the great fullness of life

Oh, wait a minute, THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! I am grateful for another birthday  spent with the best. Oh, knowing that also this year a major change on my career level was decided the day of my birthday, and I could not have been more grateful.



There is a dream in every shadow of sunlight

A farewell to start a new page, fierceness to make the change. Starting this month, I decided to take it to another level, my dream and passion for PtitNFit were my main motivators. This was, is and will always be my goal: PtitNFit to be in every heart!



If  you know what changes a heart, you know what changes the World

It was my pleasure to take part in a supportive event of the most courageous Soumy; she is the survivor of an accident who believed in herself and made it to the Marathon.

Blessing of witnessing Ramadan again, to purify the soul and re connect with oneself. Such a precious time that help me clear my mind, cherish family time and the uncountable blessings we have. Hamdella.



The thankful heart will find in every hour some heavenly blessings

It was a tough one and not talking about fasting here, but of a fake promise of a change that I wanted so badly but ended with a deception later, and what I eventually understood, is that I should work on that change as it was so clear that this is what I want in my life, and so I did, am doing and will do till I get there!

On another lovely note, Eid crowned this month, the joy of celebration with family and of fulfillment of a purpose.



Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own Myth 

It was time to take a break after a rough period, two key elements: Music and Travel!

I was the happiest to attend Charles Aznavour’s concert in Kfardebian, and a trip to Aqaba to celebrate my friend’s wedding A new place, a new horizon. I needed that breather and was willing to be back more determined to work harder on my journey as PtitNFit.



What we are to one another but a means to a meaning we haven’t yet discovered

New encounters that enriched me, those random people we meet but who become so important in our lives. Those who encourage you, support you and believe in you just because they genuinely care. I was blessed by meeting some of them, who are now so dear.



May you always remember the path that leads back, back to the important places

It was Eid again! Enjoyable time with family and many events to attend. The last days of summer were beautifully spent and human connection again was major key to the push forward button!

Yeah day after day I was shifting my focus to what matters in the present moment.



The world was designed and built to overwhelm and astonish

It was that time of the year again! The Photography marathon organized by Frame is a yearly event organized in five cities. I was thrilled to take part of it for the second year in a row, and to be chosen among the FOUR finalists! Check my photos here!

The Agenda Beirut managed by the talented Tony Abou Ghazaly was playing a major part in getting PtitNFit more known to the public. With the successful events that he organizes, Tony was an amazing supporter, talking proudly about PtitNFit but he was also my lucky charm, as I think nothing will mark this month more than the moment I won the trip to Converse in Boston. I am so looking forward this trip!



When we find ourselves hopeful but not motivated, we need to add a little faith to the mix.

It was starting to get busier for La Petite, and my motivation was the feedback I keep getting on my blog and social media pages. Many plans started for collaborations that promise an amazing year ahead. Stay tuned!


Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown 

T for Travel, T for Tunis! Business and Leisure are perfect combination when it comes to travel! A professional by day, wanderer by night. Do not think I will leave you without my tips and stories about my escapade to Tunis but this will have to wait! I will just tell you that the more I travel the more I believe that I could be a world wanderer as nothing thrills me more than discovering new cities, who would finance my trips and I give them awesome content?!

This month is embellished with festivities, Christmas has a secret charm of spreading the love in the coldest heart. It was a very busy one, to jungle from one event to another, proudly representing PtitNFit with its uniqueness as it represent me, a piece of who I am that I am sharing with you: what I see, eat, wear and do. Where I go and how I handle my life.

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering it will be Happier!

It is not a beginning now as there is no end, this is a continuous tale and you are, as I am, one of the main characters. My faith is big that this year will be full of more achievements and this comes with hard work which requires also support of those who matter, and for me you all do.

Breathe deep, listen to your intuition, re-calibrate your healthiest habit, clear your mind and allow yourself to start fresh.


Till very soon,

La Petite


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