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Spring spring where have you been, I was waiting for you! Sun sun shine on our pale skins greyish from a long winter.

Ok maybe I still need some poetry skills! What matters is spring has finally stepped out of the cave and dragged us out to enjoy green spaces and fresh air!

Obeying as we are, my friends and I turned the engines on and went on a road trip to Batroun.

First things first, fueling our own engines with a quick breakfast stop at Kasr el helou, jounieh.

Next stop was Saydet el Nouryeh; it is a Marian shrine that was built by two sailors who were lost in a winter stormy nights and were praying to reach the shore; their prayers were heard and they were guided by the lights of Virgin Mary. They craved a cave and dedicated it to her; later on an Orthodox monastery was built there and it is now a pilgrimage site. And I will let the photos speak for themselves: breathtaking views over the crystal blue sea.

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After a dose of fresh air, and to prepare the appetite for a sumptuous seafood lunch, we moved to Batroun. A stroll in the city’s old souks and fisherman port was pleasant.

From there, we head to Kaptn for lunch. Make sure to  previously reserve as it gets busy on Sundays.

We had a table on the terrace however there was no enough pergolas and even though sun is welcome, it can be a bit too much to have direct noon sun above your head so I would recommend Kaptn to get more.

The servers were a bit lost; after taking our orders, and though the other tables were already served, it took them forever to get our plates and overall we ended up eating separately since we were not served in logic time.

We ordered:

  • Fattoush: I requested additional debs remman to give it a tangier taste, and the HUGE chunks of vegetables could use more chopping.


  • Tabbouli: was good, not the best you taste.


  • Taouk and grilled meat platters served with Houmos, fries and what they called side salads which were few wilted leaves sadly placed on the plate. The toum mix though was exceptional.
  • Batata harra: crunchy and adequately seasoned


  • Grilled calamari: a very satisfying portion with a side of beetroot and same wilted greens. Omitting that I liked it.


  • The octopus a la provencale: sizzling and tasty.

Overall the experience in Kaptn was not super and it is deceiving because they have potential that was ruined by untrained servers.

A sweet end to the day was guaranteed by a quick stop at Dipndip Jbeil. The location, the chocolate loaded sweets and the service were more the welcome!

With both bellies loaded and hearts full of joyful memories, we head back to Beirut tolerating the traffic listening to the beats of Dj Rodge on Mix fm!


A Sunday well spent is indeed a week of content:)

TPC- Travel.

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