If there is one thing that excites children and adult alike is the surprise effect! Being told that you have to keep something as secret gives it all the importance and makes you feel valuable, different, part of a bigger thing and a rush of adrenaline flows into your body leaving you in ecstatic mood!


Strolling on instagram is always informative for me! Whether for destinations, new food experiences, outfit inspiration, good reads and movies recommendations… the list is so long!


And so on a regular day, a mysterious photo all blurry and lighten with candles grabbed my attention! The caption about a special dinner held somewhere in Beirut.




Hmmm, curious as I am, I dig further and I click on the relevant website; a dinner thing it said and a shiny hashtag captured my sight: #getonthelist.


And so I click on the “Apply” section; I will leave you the pleasure to go through the application!


Days pass, months pass, and I am there sitting nervously for the assessment of my application! Until I hear a magic notification on my instagram: I am finally admitted!


I will not tell you the details of the process as it will lose the sparkle if you know what to expect. Believe me it is worth it!


Came the chosen day, with Andy Warhol in mind, 20 people from different backgrounds, reunited by the love of food, art and culture, got together around the dinner table to enjoy a night of a lifetime!


The table itself was beautifully set with empty campbell’s soup cans as holders for the cutlery, patterned sous-plat in black and white, with black dishes and soup balls. In the middle were many candles lit perfectly diffusing a dim light that complimented the warmth of the eve. To know your seat, you had just to follow the name tag as written on …. BANANA:) Beat that creativity!


This controversial artist, famous for the Campbell’s soup canvas, inspired the dinner menu as provided by each guest. The buffet was loaded with delicacies: vegan sushi, creative salads: kale, greens with edible flowers, shrimp, orzo beautifully served in colorful pepper edible cups! We had burgers, quiche, hotdogs, pizza and I prepared grilled veggies. There was equally pulled beef burger with tasty dips and homemade buns.


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Dessert is a must:) Curli Q cinnamon rings, donuts, chocolate, melting in  mouth Le baron cream puff, heavenly tasting tiramisu and Rana Salam cake.


Lots of entertainment and documentation of the eve via professional photographers. We even had our video recording station! Ofcourse a guest book to write our thoughts!


This enchanting memorable experience is one of a life time. I can not express how lucky and happy I felt being part of it.


Thank you Marianne and Petra along with the rest of the team; you sure added to the charm and warmth of this evening.

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