Bou Melhem: when lent and light rhyme together!

Bou melhem has a new Lent -light menu with tasty optionsRead more


Kaléo: “The voice” of fine dining is calling!

If you have raved about the innovative decoration of DT, So, The gathering and memory lane among many creative designs of David and Nicolas from Found’d group, then you will surly love their new signature “Kaléo” opened last March. With garden hues of velvet green and flamenco’s pink, the indoor area is very inviting. Different […]Read more

La Petite has its Table in Verdun!

 ABC Verdun, is now open adding a breath of freshness to Beirut. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the location, who could have imagined that the tiny street of Verdun could host its own garden; you can be literally tempted to grab your picnic basket and laze in! Ok maybe I am exaggerating here! […]Read more

The food dealer: and it feels like … home

My quest never stops to explore my city with all my senses; and how thrilled I am when in one spot I spoil the five-six of them! Those secret gems, that are bursting in Mar Mkhayel, excite me as if I am on a treasure hunt! Luckily I am rarely deceived. After several attempts to […]Read more

Lily’s: the sweet scent of spring.

On a springy day, where the taste buds are blossoming like flowers, eager to new experiences, I went to catch up with my friend over lunch on the terrace. I called earlier to reserve, and a sweet host booked me a table. Upon arriving, a professional staff with genuine smiles welcoming us and guiding us […]Read more